The time taken for transport to the final destination of delivery decides the stage of ripeness at which the mango needs to be packed. At Mango Mantra each mango is checked for any superficial skin blemishes before they are packed. All the choicest mangoes are individually cushioned and then gift packed in an attractive and sturdy 5-ply carton. Finally, each carton is strapped and sealed making it worthy for travel over long distances. Knowingly, never take a chance.

Process Of packing

Step 1: Mango Trees
Mango mantra-Mango Trees
Step 2: Mangoes are handplucked
Mango mantra- Mangoes are handplucked
Step 3: Sorting According to weight
Mango mantra-Sorting According to weight
Step 4: Mangoes are naturally ripened
Mango mantra-Mangoes are naturally ripened
Step 5: Packeging Process
Mango mantra-Packeging Process